Thursday, January 26, 2006

Harper's dream team

This is what the Tory Cabinet looks like so far.

Jason Kenney – Minister of Health: “I do support the idea of private health care.”

Art Hanger – Minister of Citizenship and Immigration: “Immigrants are choking welfare systems, contributing to high unemployment, and many cannot read.”

Brian Fitzpatrick –Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development: “You can’t scalp me because I haven’t got much hair on top of my head.”

Darrel Reid – Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board: “I think every Christian's under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values. Different Christians are going to try to change different laws, according to the call God gives them. You see Christians in all political parties. That reflects different understandings of what God's call is to us. That's a healthy thing. If the yeast congregates in one part of the loaf, it makes for pretty bad bread."

Cheryl Gallant – Women’s Caucus Chair: “We saw that young American having his head cut off. What's happening, what is happening down there no different.” (at a 2004 pro-life rally on Parliament Hill, comparing abortion to the beheading of American Nicolas Berg by insurgents in Iraq)

Rob Anders – Minister of State (Multiculturalism): “Nelson Mandela is a terrorist.”

Source: Rick Mercer


Anonymous Charles said...

Just to mention... At a debate on Radio-Canada Alberta, the PLC, NDP and Green were represented, but the Reform did not bother to send someone...

Pour citer la réponse de Stephen Harper lorsqu'il avait été invité à un débat par une association francophone dans son compté "I live in an Anglophone riding". Ça promet!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous ginger (of course) said...

I dig his approach on feminism, I really do.

2:35 PM  

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