Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm off

Friday, 5:08 pm. Dawn of vacation time. I've heard that the strongest motivator is anticipation. What's next? What's tomorrow going to be like? Anticipation. I think it explains the addictive quality of traveling. When i'm not thinking about eating brownies, I think about escape. Messing around in an unfamiliar place.

So we are heading off to Purdy Lake for a week of who-knows-what. This place isn't unfamiliar, but it's everything a vacation place should have: a fire pit, a lake, a BBQ, a canoe and moldy paperback novels. I'll post pictures if we don't forget to pack Jeff's digital camera.

I'm leaving you with this poll:

Q: Should we get this dog?

P.S.: The song contest answer: Hangin' Tough, by the New Kids on the Block. A classic.