Friday, November 25, 2005

Cannot...quite...believe it...

I've got tickets. The show is in four hours.
I'll post my comments monday or earlier.
(a big juicy kiss and thanks to Mylène)

the girl with the pink goggles

Yesterday, Ottawa radio station The Bear was giving out ten U2 ticket to whomever in a small pre-selected group could stay the longest on a bar stool, outside, at minus 10, under a blizzard. Runner up was fellow coworker Mylène Choquette. (She's the one with the pink goggles). Mylène stood on her barstool for 7.5 hours without food, water or bathroom breaks. Incredible. The winner was a good sport and gave Mylène four or the ten ticket he had won.

Congratulations ol'coworker. Take good care of those frost bites, and I hope Bono will play Bad (the song, my fave) tonight at the Corel.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I am. As much as I am able. I think I am.

I am the sonnet, never quickly thrilled;
Not prone to overstated gushing praise
Nor yet to seething rants and anger, filled
With overstretched opinions to rephrase;
But on the other hand, not fond of fools,
And thus, not fond of people, on the whole;
And holding to the sound and useful rules,
Not those that seek unjustified control.
I'm balanced, measured, sensible (at least,
I think I am, and usually I'm right);
And when more ostentatious types have ceased,
I'm still around, and doing, still, alright.
In short, I'm calm and rational and stable -
Or, well, I am, as much as I am able.

What Poetry Form Are You?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just so you know

Lately I’ve received emails from people asking me: are you okay? I guess my last blog posts haven’t exactly been chirping with enthusiasm.

The truth is I’m pretty happy these days. X-mas season makes me so cheerful it makes me want to puke my guts out. I see snow and I get the feeling Calvin gets when it’s finally winter. So there, I’m happy that winter’s here. I get a rush of happiness when I ride my bike to work in a mini-blizzard. Do you think that I feel guilty eating chocolate every day when I submit myself to this daily routine? No.

Anyway, where was I going with this? Ah yes: I’m okay and happy. Really.

I’m off; I’m going to go see Shop Girl with Ginger the Ultimate Westerner.


Aw, iTunes. You are so good to me. Every Tuesday you give me a free song that does not suck. Thank you. I was having a tough week at work, but you were there to shout Chaka Khan’s Tell Me Something Good in the morning. 1.11$cdn. is a good price to pay for surviving an office reorg.

No bad mood can’t be cured with a little iTunes.

Here’s what’s on my playlist at the moment:

Johnny Cash, Hung my Head.
No Cars Go, Arcade Fire.
The CBC Radio 3 Weekly Podcast.
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, Marianne Faithfull
Glass, Concrete and Stone, David Byrne
Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie
Tom Traubert’s Blues, Tom Waits
The Art Teacher, Rufus Wainwright
Hung up, Madonna
I Want You, Marvin Gaye

Don't ask me why I pay to download these gems on my computer when I could Kazaa my way out of it. I already told you I was a librarian. And guess what? Music, books and movies cost money. So I'll probably make a frown-face over your barely legal music downloading practices. You know who you are. Frowning will not be enough, so I trust that the Karma-Music-Procurement-Mode™ will take care of your punishment.

Aaaaanyway, I just busted a little rapture in my chair because Matthew Good is taking over my killer new headphones I bought for work.

Aw, see? That’s KMPM™, iTunes style.

Monday, November 21, 2005

[bleep] popups

If you ever get a popup window from my blog, please note that i'm not making money out of them. It's one of those times when I wish I knew more about this stuff, this Innernet stuff. I will try to fix the problem. Perhaps it's a Blogger thing. In the meantime, my popups will teach you patience and peace. Maybe if i'm lucky you'll come back here with a good popup blocker on your browser.

Patience and Peace. Patience and Peace. Patience and Peace.

addendum: problem solved. found the little intruder in my code. ya'll can surf peacefully now.

How tragic.


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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Graceful? Moi? Uhhh, no.

(thanks michèle)