Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just so you know

Lately I’ve received emails from people asking me: are you okay? I guess my last blog posts haven’t exactly been chirping with enthusiasm.

The truth is I’m pretty happy these days. X-mas season makes me so cheerful it makes me want to puke my guts out. I see snow and I get the feeling Calvin gets when it’s finally winter. So there, I’m happy that winter’s here. I get a rush of happiness when I ride my bike to work in a mini-blizzard. Do you think that I feel guilty eating chocolate every day when I submit myself to this daily routine? No.

Anyway, where was I going with this? Ah yes: I’m okay and happy. Really.

I’m off; I’m going to go see Shop Girl with Ginger the Ultimate Westerner.


Anonymous ginger, the said...


Ultimate! You forgot to add, 'and fellow chocolate addict'.

the snow makes me silly as all heck as well.

3:54 PM  

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