Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another day, another bird.

I like Bird Nerd.
I bought this linocut print the other day. Birds make great art subjects.

In other news, it's hot out. Contemplating moving to Alaska. In the meantime, i'll be lobbying for national acceptance of a ritual called afternoon nap. While we north americans are working away at 3pm, the brits are having their tea and the spanish are enjoying their daily Siesta. The afternoon cooldown, it's not a bad idea.

So these days I spend all my non-working time in the coolest room in our house, the very dark TV room, and watch movies: I strongly recommend the british movie Heartlands, a small independent movie about a guy setting off on his moped across the country intent on winning his cheating wife back. The movie captures the exquisite beauty of England's rolling hills.