Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Four easy steps for a better life...today!

-Earlier today I've resigned from my job as library technician at the museum. I have two week to wrap up my work projects. Why did I resign? See next item on list...

-I was offered a permanent management position at the national archives and I've accepted. I'm starting after Easter. This is a major step up. I won't lie to you, it's all intensely stressful on the nerves and I have a mass lodged under my left shoulder blade to remind me that I need my kundalini right now. Serenity NOW.

-I'm leaving in two weeks for Puerto Rico for a two-week vacation with my beloved. Surf, sun and the occasionnal diarrhea.

-They finally opened H&M's in Montreal. That's huge. We can now own nice outfits for minimal cost.

So there you have it. Please offer advice on how to Relax under pressure. Be specific.