Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Penski File

For a week I’ve been working on the other side of the universe otherwise known as Pointe-Gatineau. That means spending three hours commuting every day. This does not make me a very happy person. It makes me reach for the nutella at the end of the day. And because reaching for the nutella makes me burn calories, I also reach for the french baguette. Must replenish energy reserves.

So, last week, when another governmental institution offered me a job in downtown Ottawa (much closer to my home), I started to pay attention. To make a long story short, today is my last day as an archivist and next monday I will go back to being a librarian (email me if you want to know where i'll be working.) I'm relieved and delighted. And also embarrased for leaving a job after only a week.

In the meantime I have to "work". I find this whole situation to be very George Costanza-esque. Remember when George shows up at an office without ever being hired and starts “working” on the Penski File? That's me. I show up at work, and sort of pretend I have work.

People here have nicknamed me Speedy Gonzalez. Here today, gone tamale.