Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"So there's a 5 there, and a 5 there, so there must be a 5 here and that means that because there's a 2 there and a 2 down here, then there must be a 2 across there. There's a 7 here and a 7 there so the 7 in this group can be here, here or here, so I need to figure out what goes there and there and across there, which means that if there's a 9 here and here and a 7 down there, then this box can either be a 6, a 8 or a 1 ... "

I looked up at my alarm clock to find that it's way past my bedtime.

[learn to play here. time well wasted. you'll thank me later]


Blogger djoubi said...

A co-worker of mine has shown me what that was, and I am intrigued. Just the kind of mind-gym I need, I think. :)
Easy to learn the rules, then work your way around by deduction.

Not that I have that much free time, but... :)

12:37 PM  

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