Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Libraries are cool, part three.

The other day I wanted to write an entry about Naughty Librarian Week. As it turns out, I was one week late (NLW was from jan 22 to 28th).

My sister Sly-the-journalist took care of that. Not knowing it was NLW and because St-Valencrap is coming up, she wrote an article (in french) about flirting in libraries.

It's not often I get to be quoted in a major newspaper (albeit under a partially fake name), so I thought this was definitely blog-entry-worthy, don't you agree?

Now, I'm no expert on seduction, and my idea of flirting is laughing at someone's bad jokes, but I spend a good amount of time in libraries (even though it doesn't pay much) and I like to watch people interact with each other. The word library usually sends people snoring, but believe you me, there's a lot going on in there. But that's another show.

Where do you think I met my beloved? Yes, indeedelydoodely: libraries are sexy.


Blogger Voix said...

I am a huge fan of librarians. I think they are the key to happiness in the universe.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous ginger said...

aw, I SO WANTED to be a part of it all!

1:26 PM  

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